Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 2 - Whale watching & Plimoth Plantation by Ms. Lightheart

Wow!  What a great day!  We started the day with a wonderful New England breakfast at Hearth and Kettle and then we sailed on the John and Sons II for a morning of whale watching.  We were blessed to see the majesty of several Humpback and Minkey whales!  It was quite an experience to see these endangered giants.  Check out the picture of baleen, which is like a whale's teeth.

Upon returning we went straight to Plimoth Plantation.  My Gosh!  What a learning experience. We witnessed first hand the building of a Wampanoag Wetu (see picture) and life in a 1627 English village.  Ms. Lightheart was fascinated by the rare breed chickens and goats.  Tomorrow we are off to Cape Cod to learn its rich history and about the ocean's ecosystem. 

** A free souvenior to the first student who can explain why Plimoth (Plymouth) is spelled two different ways. 

Plimoth Pictures

Video from whale watching


  1. the different spellings is to make them separate. Plimoth is an old fashion spelling used by Govenor William Braford in his history of the colony. They needed to keep each of them separate because of the town and the plantation.

  2. Hannah you win, but are 1/2 right. There is a tiny bit more to it. So we will bring you back a souvenior and one more for someone else if they can get the other 1/2 of the puzzle.