Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 4 - The Mayflower II, Paul Revere House, and the Old South Church

Wow!  What a day!  We started the morning out by visiting the Mayflower II.  Did you know the captain had a large room on the main deck while all the Pilgrims had to stay below deck and were treated as cargo?  Parents slept on small beds and their children slept on the floor under the bed!  Our visit to the Mayflower II 

We left Plymouth around 11 and arrived in Boston in time to head out to our class at the Paul Revere House. The educators there presented a workshop just for us and gave us a private tour of the Paul Revere House.  We have so many great ideas for activities focusing on the use of primary sources and realia.  After that we walked Freedom Trail and visited the North Church.  This is where Paul Revere worked as a bell ringer and was paid 2 cents a week and where the lantern was hung to warm that the British were coming!The families who belonged to the North Church had to pay the equivalent of $25,000 a year to revere a pew box for their family and pew space upstairs for their servants!  The storms you all experienced earlier this week hit the East Coast today while we were visiting the North Church. 

Tomorrow we are off to explore more of historic Boston!

Students, Where did the Mayflower depart from on its to America and how many people were on board?

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  1. Eastview Teacher!
    The mayflower left from Plymouth, England and sailed to Plymouth, Massachusetts and it had 102 passengers and about 30 sailors on board the ship.